When is the best day to see the dentist?

Yes, believe it or not, research has been carried out to find out which day is best for a dental appointment!  Looking at the issue from the point of view of when you are more likely to keep an appointment, research by Glasgow University has revealed that FRIDAY is the best day to book an appointment.  Why’s that?  you may ask.gum-disease-dentist

The research highlighted that patients are most likely to miss an appointment if it’s on a Monday and over the course of the week, attendance steadily improves, with Fridays having the fewest no-shows.

It is thought that Monday morning blues make patients less able to cope with the prospect of being given bad news or having an unpleasant treatment.  However, by Friday there is a psychological boost as the end of the working week approaches and this apparently improves resilience and, in turn, levels of attendance.

So, if you are nervous about going to the dentist, you may well be in a better frame of mind and more able to cope if your appointment is at the end of the working week.

With these results in mind, we have put together a list of suggestions for you to consider when booking your next dental appointment:

  • If you are switching dentists, consider where they are located.  Would a practice nearer work be more convenient?
  • Some practices offer early or late appointments which don’t disrupt your working day. Check if your practice offers such service.
  • Many practices now offer a telephone or text reminder service, so that you don’t forget your appointment.
  • If you have children, try to organise their appointments during school holidays, so term time isn’t disrupted by either routine or emergency appointments.
  • Fix your childrens’ appointments to coincide with your own.
  • Be prepared!  Have a think beforehand about any dental issues you would like to discuss.  Write these down if need be.
  • If you are uncertain or concerned about any aspect of your dental treatment, always ask for further information.
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