Hidden Sugar

We all know that sugar is bad for our teeth but it’s worth reminding ourselves that sometimes we think we are being healthy when this is not, in fact, the case!

Dental Tips - Hidden SugarGiving up smoking, for example.  Yes, it will lead to less staining on our teeth and more healthy gums.  Our breath will smell better and we will hopefully feel fitter and healthier.  However, to replace cigarettes we sometimes turn to extra snacks and these are often very high in sugar. 

We go to the gym to help us lose weight and tone up our body.   But how often after a workout do we turn to a high energy sports drink to replace lost fluid?  In a 500ml drink there can be up to 13 spoonfuls of sugar.

We start a diet to lose a few extra pounds and squeeze into that new summer outfit!  Very often the low-fat or fat-free products we eat whilst dieting are very high in sugar. In fact, some fat free biscuits can have as much, or even more sugar than an ordinary biscuit.

Some examples of everyday food items and their sugar content are listed below*:Dental Tips - Hidden Sugar

• Squash ­- Ready-made bottles may contain up to 9 spoonfuls
• Full sugar fizzy drinks -  have an average of 12 spoonfuls
• Flavoured vitamin waters - can have up to 11 spoonfuls
• Dairy sports drinks and flavoured milk - up to 14 spoonfuls
• Energy drinks -  some contain as much as 13 spoonfuls 

Many people think that if they consume sugar they should brush their teeth straight away.  You should actually wait at least half an hour before doing this because eating sugary foods will soften the tooth enamel and you are in danger of damaging the enamel if you brush immediately.


Finally, a few suggestions on avoiding the problem:

• Try to minimise consumption of sweets, cakes, biscuits or anything with added sugar
• Use a straw when drinking fizzy drinks
• Chew sugar-free gum to help minimise the effect of sugary food and drink

* "Spoonfull" refers to teaspoon.  All measurements are per 500ml of liquid.

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