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What makes Elgydium Anti Plaque different from other toothpates?

Elgydium Anti-plaque is unique because it is the only toothpaste available in the UK that contains the proven antibacterial ingredient, Chlorhexidine.

Elgydium Anti-plaque has been clinically proven to be effective against the key organisms that cause gingivitis and gum disease.  You should, however, remember to brush regularly and thoroughly to achieve maximum benefit.

Why doesn’t Elgydium Anti-Plaque contain fluoride?

Elgydium Anti-Plaque is specially formulated to help prevent dental plaque and tartar build-up, the major causes of tooth decay and gum disease such as gingivitis.  If you are risk of tooth decay in particular, it is suggested that you use Elgydium Sensitive which contains both chlorhexidine and Fluorinol®.

How does Elgydium Sensitive differ from Elgydium Anti Plaque?

Elgydium Sensitive contains the same level of active ingredient Chlorhexidine (0.004%) as Elgydium Anti Plaque, but in addition also contains Fluorinol®, which is a type of fluoride unique to the Elgydium products, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against tooth sensitivity.  Elgydium Sensitive is a gel formulation, whereas the other products in the Elgydium range are pastes, so is even less abrasive on tooth enamel.

How does Elgydium Whitening differ from Elgydium Anti Plaque?

Elgydium Whitening contains the same level of active ingredient Chlorhexidine (0.004%) as Elgydium Anti Plaque, but in addition also contains micro-pulverised sodium bicarbonate to gently remove stains from the teeth.

How should I use Elgydium toothpastes?

All the Elgydium toothpastes should be used twice a day as per a normal toothpaste.

How long can I use Elgydium toothpaste for?

All the Elgydium toothpastes are daily oral hygiene products and can be used long-term for removing dental plaque and maintaining healthy gums.

How much are Elgydium Toothpastes?

The recommended retail prices for the range are as follows:

Elgydium Anti Plaque is £3.50 for 75ml

Elgydium Sensitive is £3.75 for 75ml

Elgydium Whitening is £4.25 for 75ml

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  Eludril Mouthwash contains chlorhexidine.  Always read the label. 
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