Elgydium Toothbrushes

Elgydium ToothbrushesElgydium Toothbrushes contain 2,000 carefully produced bristles, each with a rounded tip to prevent damage to the gums.

Elgydium Toothbrushes are available in 3 bristle textures; Hard, Medium and Soft.

To be effective, brushing should last 2-3 minutes after each meal. Click here for tips on effective toothbrushing.

Why not try Elgydium Anti Plaque Toothpaste with your Elgydium Toothbrush for a refreshingly clean feeling. 

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Eludril Mouthwash & Elgydium Toothpaste are manufactured by Pierre Fabre Oral Care & distributed by Pierre Fabre Limited.

  Eludril Mouthwash contains chlorhexidine.  Always read the label. 
Adverse events should also be reported to Pierre Fabre Ltd. Tel: 0208 731 3322
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