Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste

How Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste Works

As we get older, our teeth tend to darken and discolour.Elgydium Whitening 00892

Food and drinks like tea, coffee and red wine can stain our teeth. So can smoking. Acidic drinks like cola or even fruit juices can erode the outer enamel layer of our teeth, making them appear more yellow. And naturally, many of us want to restore the glittering smile we once had.

Unlike Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste, most whitening toothpastes contain sodium bicarbonate, which is not micropulverised, which can be abrasive and lead to tooth sensitivity.

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste contains a unique micropulverised sodium bicarbonate that whitens without damaging teeth. And, because it contains the antibacterial chlorhexidine, it’s good for oral health too.

With Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste you can restore that brilliant smile and look after your oral hygiene at the same time.


Whitening 1 Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste Enamel Diagram

Toothpaste with

Elgydium Whitening

Dual Action:
Extra gentle scrubbing
In-depth cleansing

Tooth enamel contains tiny grooves.       Elgydium Whitening's micropulverised formulation acts on stains within the finest grooves.



Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial ingredient which is proven to inhibit the harmful bacteria that cause and worsen gum disease.

The main benefits of using a toothpaste containing Chlorhexidine, such as Elgydium Whitening, are:

  • Chlorhexidine has a broad spectrum of activity and destroys both bacteria and fungi.
  • Chlorhexidine offers both anti-plaque and anti-inflammatory properties and acts at a pH level close to neutrality. 
  • Chlorhexidine coats all areas of the mouth including tooth surfaces, gums, cheeks and other mouth tissue to ensure a long-lasting anti-plaque and antiseptic effect.
  • Chlorhexidine has been shown to work for up to 8 hours.

Use Elgydium Whitening with one of the Elgydium toothbrushes, specially designed to dislodge dental plaque from the most inaccessible areas, for effective removal.

How to use Elgydium Whitening

To be effective, brushing should last 2-3 minutes twice daily. Click here for tips on effective toothbrushing.

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Elgydium Toothpaste is also available as Elgydium Anti Plaque Toothpaste or Elgydium Sensitive Toothpaste .

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  Eludril Mouthwash contains chlorhexidine.  Always read the label. 
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