Gum Disease Treatment

Chlorhexidine is a highly effective gum disease treatment with a proven track record dating back decades. Dentists recommend it as the gold standard.

Chlorhexidine is the main antibacterial and antifungal agent in Eludril mouthwash and Elgydium toothpaste. Buy them online or at larger pharmacies:

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Eludril Mouthwash also contains chlorobutanol, an anaesthetic which helps to ease the pain of gum disease ­ as well as providing further antibacterial and antifungal protection.

Eludril should be used as a short-term gum disease treatment (diluted with water using the measuring cup provided). One rinse has been proven to work for up to eight hours.

Elgydium is a range of chlorhexidine-based toothpastes that can be used daily to help treat gum disease. They include:

  • Elgydium Anti Plaque ­ - formulated to help cut the build-up of plaque, the main cause of gum disease and periodontitis (destruction of tissue around the tooth)
  • Elgydium Whitening - ­ unlike other whitening toothpastes, Elgydium is micropulverised to help stop tooth abrasion during brushing and provide in-depth cleaning
  • Elgydium Sensitive ­ - gentle and soothing, proven to cut sensitivity by up to 69% when used regularly over a four-week period

Elgydium toothbrushes are also available (choose from soft, medium or hard). Each brush contains 2,000 gently rounded bristles to help protect your gums from damage as you brush.

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  Eludril Mouthwash contains chlorhexidine.  Always read the label. 
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