Oral Health­ - Fact or Fiction? 

Find out how well you did with the answers below.

1. Tooth loss is inevitable as you get older.      False

30 years ago this may have been true but a 2009 dental health survey in England, Wales and Northern Ireland showed the percentage of the population without teeth averaged under 8.0 per cent compared with 25 per cent in the late 1970s. We are getting better at looking after our teeth and gums. False teeth are not an inevitable consequence of ageing.

2. Gums should not bleed when they are brushed.    True

It could be a sign of gum disease. If you experience bleeding, visit your hygienist or dentist for advice.

3. We only brush our teeth to remove food particles.     False

Removing food particles is only part of the story. Brushing also prevents the build-up of plaque that can cause gum disease. It is also important to floss daily as well.

4.  Only sugar in sweets, cakes & fizzy drinks is bad for teeth. False

You should also limit consumption of dried fruit, fruit juice, sports drinks and honey, particularly between meals, as these can also cause tooth decay. See our useful guide to hidden sugars.

5. You should floss every day.    True

Flossing, as part of our daily oral health regime, is important in preventing gum disease.

In a recent survey from Eludril and Elgydium, results confirmed that only 14% of our respondents flossed their teeth once a day. And 36% claimed to never floss their teeth. In addition to regular brushing, flossing plays a vital role in good oral hygiene as it reaches areas that a toothbrush might miss. Using the correct technique is important in order to gain maximum benefit. Yes, it can be fiddly but once you’ve mastered the technique, it will only take a few minutes each day and is well worth the effort.

6. Good oral health is not just about brushing and flossing.    True

Other factors can affect the health of our teeth and gums.  Smoking has been shown to increase the risk of gum disease.  Also, stress and a poor diet can impact on our oral health.

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